Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry in Kingwood, TX

We understand the fear and anxiety patients have regarding dental procedures. But don’t worry-there’s good news!
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There are different options available to patients when it comes to anesthesia. In the practice, we’re able to offer both laughing gas for simple procedures and IV sedation for more complex treatments. Sedation can be used for everything including a typical cleaning, partials, periodontics and more. Patients who may be very anxious or fearful often choose IV sedation. The dentist will assist each person in choosing the best type of sedation for them. Our practice has many patients who prefer not to be awake for their dental procedures. We work with a board certified Doctor in Anesthesiology, and monitors the well being of patients while the dentist is performing the necessary dental procedures. He sees this as the best option for patients, and one that sets Chris E. Perkins, DDS and Associates apart from many other dental practices in the area.
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We know that some patients have to work up the courage to just make the phone call for their initial appointment. Here, the team is happy to help them take the first steps toward optimal oral health and the smile they have always wanted. Learn more by reaching out to the practice today to ask any questions or have concerns addressed. We look forward to helping patients have an easier, less anxious dental experience.
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Sedation Dentistry in Kingwood, TX