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Revitalize Your Smile With Gum Grafting Services

Gum grafting can treat gum recession caused by gum disease. When the gums recede, they end up exposing the root of your teeth, which leads to an increased risk of tooth decay, sensitivity, and bone loss. If you experience receding gums, it is vital that you see one of our experts for their opinion on whether gum grafting is right for you. If you are looking for gum grafting services in Kingwood, TX, you have found them. Chris E. Perkins, DDS & Associates staffs professionals who can expertly perform gum grafts for you. This operation will significantly help protect your teeth and overall oral health. Our periodontists use the latest techniques and current technology to ensure a successful outcome of your gum grafting operation.
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Improve Your Oral Health With Gum Grafting

Gum grafting offers a variety of benefits to those who get this oral surgery procedure done. Our periodontists provide gum grafting services to our patients because it:

  • Restores Gum Tissue — Gum grafting can restore gum tissue that has been lost due to gum disease. This restoration can improve the appearance of your smile while adding protection to the roots of your teeth.
  • Reduces Tooth Sensitivity — Receding gums expose the roots of the teeth, which leads to increased tooth sensitivity. With gum grafting, our dentists can cover the exposed roots and reduce this sensitivity.
  • Prevents Further Damage — Gum recession can lead to further dental issues such as tooth decay and cavities. With gum grafting, our dentists can prevent these issues from developing by protecting the roots of the teeth and restoring the receding gums with healthy gum tissue.
  • Improves Oral Health — By preventing further damage and restoring damaged gum tissue, gum grafting can improve the overall oral health of your mouth and reduce the risk of developing more serious dental issues.
  • Enhances Your Confidence — Gum recession can make people feel self-conscious about their smile. Gum grafting can restore this confidence by restoring gum tissue. This restoration can improve the aesthetic of your smile and boost your confidence and self-esteem.
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Transform Your Smile With Gum Grafting

Don’t let gum recession ruin your smile! Chris E. Perkins, DDS & Associates offers advanced gum grafting procedures to restore your gumline and protect your teeth from sensitivity and decay. Our experienced periodontists use their gum grafting expertise to ensure optimal results that you are satisfied with. If you think you need gum grafting services, call our office today to schedule an appointment. Our dentists will meet with you and discuss your concerns and goals. From there, we will come up with the right treatment plan that is personalized to meet your needs. Experience the power of gum grafting today.
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Gum Grafting in Kingwood, TX