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At Chris E Perkins, DDS & Associates, we understand how important it is to achieve perfect oral health. We never want someone to deny themselves of needed dentistry because of financial constraints. That's why our Kingwood, TX dentists offer financing packages and accept all PPO insurance plans. Whether you require a bi-annual dental cleaning or restoration dentistry, we believe you deserve quality dental care at affordable prices. Don't let your oral health suffer; schedule an appointment with our team today.
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Why Visiting a Dentist Who Accepts Insurance Is Crucial

We accept all PPO insurance plans, as well as CareCredit and Sunbit. Visiting a dentist who accepts all insurance plans is crucial because it significantly reduces out-of-pocket expenses, enabling you to access the necessary care. Most plans cover dental cleanings and other essential services entirely, and many will cover most of the expenses associated with secondary treatments like cosmetic or restorative dentistry. There is no need to postpone your dental cleaning or ignore a toothache anymore.
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Financing With No Interest for Your Convenience

At Chris E Perkins, DDS & Associates, we understand not everyone has access to insurance. That's why we offer financing options to ensure you receive the dental care you deserve. Our 0% financing can help defray costs by splitting the total cost of treatment into manageable monthly payments without interest. With our financing packages, you can undergo necessary dental procedures without delay and ensure your oral health. Whether for a cleaning or crown, we can help.
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Financial & Insurance in Kingwood, TX