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Laser Dentistry, soft tissue/restorative Biolase - Dr. Perkins DDS.

Biolase’s Soft Tissue Treatment (Gum Treatment) and
Restorative Dentistry

Today we have a number of resources to help us with periodontal disease. The selective removal of the diseased lining of the periodontal pocket combined with the antimicrobial effects of the laser makes this the ideal method for treating periodontal disease.

  • Less invasive
  • Little or no discomfort
  • No down time
  • Lasting results with maintenance visits and good homecare

Patients love having their teeth restored with laser. Imagine having your fillings with no anesthetic. This is possible using the laser. There are no injections and the dental drill is not used. When patients leave the office, they no longer have the numb feeling, and they go on about their work. For patients who have the fear of injections or the noise of the drill, this procedure has reduced and diminished their anxiety.

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Biolase's Waterlase soft tissue treatment, gums.