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Holding implant model

What to Expect

Placing an implant requires great skill and knowledge, and Dr. Perkins has advanced certification in this specific area.

First, preparation begins, which entails making sure a patient is a candidate for an implant. After deciding to move forward with care, any extraction of teeth that is required must take place.

After tooth extraction, a strong, durable titanium implant is placed where the root of the tooth once was. Over the course of a few months, the jaw bone and implant fuse together, which provides great strength and integrity to the implant. Once the jaw bone and gums have healed completely around the implant, the next step of the process can begin, which includes adding an abutment and placing the crown.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is implant placement painful?

Patients will be anesthetized or can select to be sedated. With both options, patients will rest comfortably while the procedure occurs, and will not be able to feel any pain.

Do I need a driver after the procedure?

Yes, it’s important that patients bring a trusted loved one with them to their implant placement appointment so they can safely drive them home after their appointment.

How long does healing take?

A typical patient heals in about three months, though every person is unique. We’ll carefully monitor your progress so that we can place your crown as soon and safely as possible.

Learn More About Implant Placement

Dr. Perkins encourages all interested patients to book an appointment to learn more about implant placement and how it can help them achieve a beautiful smile. Contact the practice today to begin the process!
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